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How to Channel Your Mindset to Reel in Financial Prosperity and “Fire Yourself”

With the boom of the self-help era, buzzwords like “manifest” and “attract” have become ever prevalent, attached to the ideas of the “Law of Attraction.” But do these tactics really work in helping you to create financial prosperity? Can you simply attract wealth?

Yes, you can― but it’s not magic. The Law of Attraction captures the psychology of creating a mindset that removes limiting beliefs and replaces them with optimism and hard work. Let’s jump in!

What is the Law of Attraction?

Have you noticed several white trucks one day and found yourself subconsciously continuing to count them for weeks after? As you watch for white trucks, it suddenly seems like everyone is driving a white truck! But, presumably, the same ratio of white trucks was always there. 

This simple analogy is one way to understand the Law of Attraction. People worldwide have mundane or extraordinary lives every day; whatever you can dream of probably exists somewhere already. What the Law of Attraction does is help you to create a mindset where you focus on “white trucks”― in a wealth-manifesting mindset, this translates to networking opportunities, further education, investors, or new jobs. 

How Can I Use the Law of Attraction to Build Wealth?

You may already be a hard worker with great ideas, but “low energy” thoughts will allow natural obstacles to crash your plans. High energy thoughts will help you push through the same barriers and enable you to get out of your way with creative solutions. It’s not magic (unless you want to call it that). It’s the psychology of powerful human minds creating an atmosphere of belief. This belief allows you to have higher perseverance, resilience, and creative problem-solving. Remember, positive thoughts will open you to experiences, but you won’t change your life unless you act on these new opportunities.

Suggested Affirmations

You may be wondering why affirmations seem to go with manifestation so often― it’s simply because repeating words you find powerful can help you set the stage of resilience and creativity. It aligns your mind to white trucks: you will naturally find white trucks since you focus on them so much.

Here are a few money affirmations to try. Write them on sticky notes and place them all around your house or desk, say them to yourself throughout the day, set alarms on your phone to remind you, and write about how they came true in your journal. 

  1. All the money I want/need already exists and is coming to me. 
  2. Ways to make money are all around me. 
  3. Money is my friend. 
  4. I love money, and money loves me. We enjoy a healthy, two-way relationship. 
  5. Money allows me to make a difference in the world.

Remember, “Life is Short, So Love the Life You Live”! It’s easier to do when you are purposefully creating a life you love. So Fire Yourself today by picking a few affirmations and start attracting the money (and life) you want!

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Dani VanDusen

Dani VanDusen is a freelance writer and editor located in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. She holds a BA in English from the University of Alberta where she graduated with distinction, and has been freelancing since the middle of the pandemic. An avid mental health enthusiast, rollerblade extraordinaire, dog mama, and pizza lover, she is a self-proclaimed ‘weirdo’ and says that this helps her be relatable and open in her writing. Dani has been a writer for the Fire Yourself movement since August 2021 and is an integral part of our content team.
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