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The Foundation of the “Fire Yourself” Movement – You and ME!!

This magazine is going to form a foundation focused around change.  In order for change to happen, it’s vitally important that transparency is applied to everything taught, learned, shared, and everything else that you can think of, which to be quite honest is scary as HELL!!!!  Why?  Well, as the founder, I’m the one who needs to change the most and that’s why I started this magazine and movement because I realized that there is tremendous growth that I must undertake in order to “Fire Myself” and Love The Life I Live!  

It’s about constantly learning, changing, and applying new things to life to ultimately get to where I want to be.  Where is that?  On a beach in the winter sipping mai tai’s with a beautiful woman beside me(again, total transparency…bwhahahah…enjoy the change!!) or in the mountains during the summertime enjoying the majestic views and the peace and happiness that the mountains bring me(again, with a beautiful woman….lol)! The “Fire Yourself” movement consists of being able to laugh, not only at the challenges you face, but also at yourself!  Life isn’t easy, so in order to be able to laugh at yourself, you must be willing to let all the seriousness go and truly and openly not care what others think of you!!  That’s the hardest thing to grasp I know, because we all focus on what other’s think of us and we all face judgement in some form or fashion.   We’ll face those demons together and march on showing ways to help overcome those pesky thoughts inside our heads that don’t belong there.

In the Mindset section of the magazine, we will embrace the truths that lie within us and try to help with evaluated experiences from the past.  We will tell real life stories, yours and mine, that hopefully lead to a willingness to change.  The stories will be of both victory and defeat.  By accepting defeat with an open mind and heart, we are able to truly embrace a mindset of true growth which will in turn allow us to move forward to great victories, victories we had no clue we were capable of achieving!  It’s vitally important to have an open mind when it comes to that change because if our minds are closed, then we will never achieve the growth we want and desire for ourselves.  Again, it’s my own mindset that I have to work on.  It’s through forced learning(which just typing that I get scared because I am a poor learner) that I hope to stimulate growth and certainly an opportunity to change. Also, we’ll encourage you to laugh a little, cry a little(yes men, you too…it’s healthy get over it!), and love a little(can’t wait to see how that unravels being a single man!)!!!

In the Health section of the magazine, this is where the rubber meets the road and it starts getting interesting because “if we don’t have our health, we don’t have anything”!  This is where a lot of us need to “Fire Ourselves” and work the hardest on improving ourselves.  Don’t worry, I’m falling victim to this as well.  However, one of the main reasons this magazine is in publication is because of my health and a change of my mindset towards my health.  It’s my attempt to publish articles that will inspire and motivate others to make whatever change they need to in order to always remember: Life’s Short, Love the Life You Live! At the core of this section will be the premise that we need to be healthy emotionally, physically, spiritually(don’t worry, I’m not inflicting my beliefs on you nor will I allow any articles be published that I feel are forceful in any way! I want everyone to read my magazine and the material that’s published and hopefully benefit from the material I do publish but we can’t run from the spiritual side of life and we won’t in a good way), and mentally!  A well rounded and healthy life should be a life you can love…hopefully!

In the final section, Money, we discuss everything money of course…makes me think of the movie Jerry Mcquire, “Show me the Money!” This is the embodiment of the Fire Yourself Lifestyle! If you remember, I mentioned the F.I.R.E. Movement(Financial Independence Retire Early), is the other main reason for the start of this magazine.  It’s the reason we all live…to make money and secure a financially rich and happy lifestyle.  Money is the commodity that makes the world go around.  In this section, I am going to publish articles that will encourage, educate, and motivate to achieve greatness in all areas of our financial lives so that hopefully, one day, we can all “Fire Ourselves” and “Love the Life We Live”!

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Ron Weber

Ron Weber II is the editor-in-chief and founder of Fire Yourself Media, LLC.  Ron established himself as a sought after automotive professional over the past twenty years.  Over the last 5 years, after a small bout with cancer in 2018 and a four month sabbatical from the auto industry in 2020 due to Covid, his focus has changed to philanthropic work, traveling, and helping others achieve lasting change through personal growth. His mission is simple, to always remember: Life’s Short, Love the Life You Live!! Be sure to subscribe to receive updates of new articles published to the Fire Yourself Magazine and follow him on social media by subscribing below and on Twitter @rweberii.
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